Welcome to the Quarry Veggie Box week 15!


Harvest Moon and Fall Equinox

Last Saturday night was the Harvest Full Moon. We saw that bright orange/red moon pop up from the horizon right at dusk for a few days before it was full, but the fall rain has hidden it from us since. Folklore says the harvest moon helps the harvesters with its early brightness, extending the time available to bring the crops in. 

This coming Monday is the Fall Equinox when the hours of darkness are equal to those of light, the official beginning of autumn. Nights are cooler and longer. Days are shorter and with the right weather conditions, they are still hot. It just doesn’t last very long.

The Fall Equinox sends a strong message to many plants. This is the last week for zucchini and maybe the last for beans as well. Wiet has completed her last seeding until next spring. Now when we empty a bed, we close it down for the winter either by planting a cover crop or just adding more mulch. Two trusty team members are leaving us soon. Season’s end is in sight.

Meanwhile back at the house, Daria and Wiet are making plans for next year’s garden. On Friday, we ask you to do some homework. You’ll find a simple survey in the box, and we ask you to fill it out and return it in your box next week. We’d appreciate your feedback which will help shape next year’s garden.

And please don’t worry. There is still lots of great food to come!

All the best from the Quarry Farm Team

your 15th box is ready Friday, September 20th after 3 pm

Here is what is going to be in the box:

arugula, beans, beets, cilantro, cucumber, garlic ,Italian spinach, kale, lettuce, peas, peppers , summer squash, tomatoes, and winter squash.