Welcome to the Quarry Veggie Box week 20!


This is the last pick-up, and the first season of the Quarry Farm Veggie Box Program is in the BAG! And it is literally in a bag this week. Please return your box and any pots or elastics that you have. We’ll send you home with the last harvest in a bag to save you the trip back.

Please bring your cheque book to reserve your place next spring.  A little cash input will be appreciated to help pay for the big seed orders we are sending out.

Pick up is at 3:00 pm as usual with pizza right after. We’d love to see you between 3 and 5 to get your feedback about next season and to help plan for the winter box that will start next fall. 

We really want to express our appreciation to all of you. You’ve been great supporters. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you from the Quarry Team!

your 20th box is ready Friday, October 20th after 3 pm

Here is what is going to be in the box:

arugula, carrots, garlic, Italian spinach, kale, parsley. green tomatoes and a special treat.